Covid 19 FAQs

We understand and are sympathetic to guests who are concerned about the contagious nature of covid-19. Please, if you feel your health may be compromised wait a little while longer. The Wildlife Refuge, Lighthouse and Space programs are not going anywhere. They will be here for “infinity and beyond!” Ok, maybe not that long, but certainly our lifetime!

As we work through the phased reopening of Florida we will only operate our 10 passenger coach. Keeping withing the guidelines of small groups of 10.

Our Coach is sanitized after every tour with natural botanical
antimicrobial cleaner approved by the EPA for Sars, Covid and Tuberculosis.

Hand sanitizer and masks are not guaranteed to be available on the tour so please bring your own if you feel they are necessities. We will try and have supplies as they become available.

Our tour guides and driver will not be wearing masks as it limits the ability to present verbal information during tour. They will have temperature taken prior to tours for safety measures. Masks are not mandatory for participants while riding on the coach, but feel free to wear them as personally desired.

Our Lighthouse & Spaceflight tour will have additional restrictions as requested by the Lighthouse Foundation and Air Space Command. While touring the Lighthouse and museum masks will be required to be worn. We will update new restrictions as we receive them.