Enjoy the Natural Beauty, Wildlife and History of Florida

Lighthouse & Spaceflight Tour

Cape Canaveral Lighthouse & Spaceflight Tours transports you on a journey through the evolution of exploration as we visit the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse that guided the first explorers around the Florida coast, to the launch pads that propelled our ships into orbit, and look toward the new frontier of planetary travel.

Canaveral Tours provides a 4 hour tour of the Canaveral Lighthouse and Canaveral Air Force Station. History of the Cape from early settlers to current space programs is provided on your tour. The tour takes you first to the lighthouse, where you are provided a guided tour by a Lighthouse Foundation guide.  Then, continues on a ride through the Air Force Station to see launch complexes from the beginning of spaceflight programs to current commercial ventures. Stops at the historic launch pad facilities of the Mercury and Apollo missions allow you to walk where the astronauts launched into space.

Wildlife Tour

Tour participants viewing with binoculars

Our tour takes your group of up to 10 guests to the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge, Canaveral National Seashore and Indian River, home to over 500 species of wildlife including many that are threatened and endangered. A variety of habitats are found in the 140,000 acres and 24 miles of barrier island, including coastal dunes, saltwater marshes, pinewood flats, and hardwood hammocks. This protected area around the Kennedy Space Center and NASA facilities was created for the purpose of providing habitats for migratory birds, wildlife diversity, endangered and threatened species and to grant access for recreation, observation and education of wildlife activities.